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What An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein focuses exclusively on handling personal injury matters resulting in serious injury or death. Personal injury cases cover a broad area of law. The California laws and procedures related to personal injury are complicated and require a skilled personal injury lawyer to properly navigate an injury victim’s case through the process. Attorney Robert Wallenstein has the necessary experience and ability to provide legal solutions for personal injury accidents.

Vehicle Accidents Can Lead To Serious Injuries

Legal claims following vehicle accidents are subject to California’s negligence laws. Anyone found to have negligently operated a motor vehicle may be responsible for damages and must compensate an injured victim. Personal injury cases involving vehicle accidents may be resolved before a lawsuit is filed through an informal settlement agreement or may become formalized through civil court proceedings.

Vehicle accidents can include car accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi tractor-trailer accidents and truck accidents, to name a few.

Anyone injured by a drunk driver may be able to bring a claim for punitive damages against the responsible defendant.

Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents Require Experienced Representation

Legal claims involving pedestrians are also governed by the law of negligence. Pedestrians are generally afforded the right of way when they are walking across an intersection or street. Ordinances governing cyclists’ right of way can vary from county to county in California.

A pedestrian or cyclist can file a lawsuit and receive compensation for his or her injuries if someone else’s negligence caused or contributed to the incident. Negligence is the legal term for the failure to behave reasonably to protect others from foreseeable risks of one’s actions or inactions.

Robert Wallenstein helps clients to meet the legal requirements necessary to receive fair compensation under California law.

Understanding Wrongful Death Cases

This type of case involves proving that a decedent was killed as a result of negligence (or other liability) on the defendant’s part, and that the decedent’s legal heirs are entitled to monetary damages as a result of the defendant’s conduct. The most common heirs are the surviving spouse, children or parents.

What About Firearm Injuries?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a firearm, you are not alone. According to government statistics, 73% of homicides are committed with firearms, 66% specifically with handguns. Victims aged 18 to 29 have the highest rate of death by firearms.

Even if a person did not mean to injure anyone with a firearm, he or she may be liable for any resulting harm caused by the accidental firing of a gun. Contact serious injury attorney Robert Wallenstein at 619-685-5388 for more information about your potential case involving a firearm injury.

I’ve Been Bitten By A Dog; Now What?

Enforced by state and local statutes, dog owners are responsible for preventing their pets from harming others. Dog bite injuries can be emotionally traumatic while also causing pain and disfigurement. Injuries could require emergency room care as well as continuing medical attention and oftentimes, plastic surgery. Scars and emotional trauma are frequently experienced by dog bite victims, and in the worst circumstances, victims, especially children, can be fatally wounded. Children often do not understand they are provoking a dog. In most dog bite cases, a dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance handles personal injury claims.

Slip/Trip-And-Fall Cases: What To Expect

Most private homeowners and businesses in California carry insurance to compensate for the injuries that someone may suffer while on their property. This would include slip, trip and fall type cases that are generally known as “premises liability” cases. The owner, possessor and/or manager of a residence, place of business or other real property has the duty to exercise reasonable care for the protection of those individuals who come upon the premises. This would include members of the public or any other person who enters the place of business or other property.

In such cases, the owner, possessor or manager of the premises must inspect the property to discover and correct any dangerous conditions or warn of the dangers upon the premises.

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